Scorpion walk cycle gait and simulation for 3D animation

Scorpion and Spider 8 legged creature walk cycle

Scorpion and Spider 8 legged creature walk cycle

After posting about the spider animation tutorial I remembered I had read a paper about simulating the gait of real scorpions to build a tetrapod robot. A quick google search found the paper to be available online (as you probably know, many papers aren’t) but couldn’t copy the link to it – simply google “WALKING ROBOT SCORPION – EXPERIENCES WITH A FULL PARAMETRIC MODEL” and it will be first or second result in pdf format.

Now, you may not need to build an eight legged robot, but this is a great cheat sheet for the next time the shot list calls for a replicators army crawling across the military base (or spaceship, or mine, or whatever). These pests are best walk-cycled anyway, and a cheat sheet of their gait will improve the final shot more than any adjustment to animation arcs.

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