Old Toasters Never Looked Better

Original Cylon Costume

Cylon Costume from Wikipedia - I hate those Star Filters! Do Classic Cylons live in a frakking disco?

No tutorial spottings today, just pure eyecandy for Galactica fans and CG lovers. Head straight to Darth Mojo for a showcase of old style Cylons in all their rendered glory. Now, I must admit I prefer modern day centurions (they kinda look spartans instead of roman centurions). The only reason I watched the original Galactica series was because anything with a spaceship appealed my 10-years-old mind. Nevertheless, even when I was 10 years old, I disliked the star filters placed over the shining costumes and the silly robot-bear.

Present day Galactica is much more in line with my tastes, and I would have loved it when I was 10 years old. :-) Nevertheless, I chuckled when in Razor we get to see an original Cylon Starbase and hear a glimpse from the original theme.

Personal tastes aside, the renderings are great and the blog is full of humor -the reference to the air intake on the cylon’s mask is priceless. Don’t miss it.

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