Detailed Votom Pictures and Tutorials – great reference for 3d models

Great close up of a votom arm

Detailed paint job for a votom robot arm

Now, I don’t know how many Votom fans are out there, but I’m one and this guy has an amazing blog chock-full of close up pictures of his creations. Be sure to check out this post as it is a priceless reference for anyone who needs some reference pictures of robots, and gundam/votom style robots. I like the way he gets his hands dirt with paint, something you just can’t do with a texture map (yet). But be sure to check the whole site, as he has a tutorials section with many projects and wips.

The way he adds layer upon layer of detail in the mountain diorama tutorial would be a great reference for VUE artists as well!

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  1. I like your website.

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