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Modo 501 SP1 – No more broken tooltips on OSX 64bit!

Well, this service pack does a lot more but the tooltip thing was really annoying in 501. I’m glad it has been fixed quickly, as I find 501 a pleasure to work with. Now all I have to do is to convince someone to buy me a 12 core Mac Pro.

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Modo 501 Previewed in Paris – SDK and more

According to a post on Luxology’s user forum, Modo 501 is coming along nicely. Brad previewed it in Paris on October 2nd, showcasing improvements in modeling (Pixar’s patented Catmull-Clarke subds? don’t know), sculpting, rigging (no character animation yet, but who needs it in 2010?*) and -big wow- dynamics. The report does mention that now Modo has an SDK. Yeah! This is...

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