Mac Pro forgets mouse tracking speed and desktop icons on Mountain Lion: fix!

Can’t really remember how long I had this issue with my Mac Pro: I use the fastest possible mouse speed and need function keys to work as function keys.

Simple, set this in the preferences, right? I don’t know why, but the settings were not saved properly. Every time I cold booted the Mac Pro I would get the default time freeze mouse speed, natural scrolling (which is simply evil, yet I suspect someday will become the only option) and of course Mac function keys — something that kills functionality in just about every 3D program I know of.

I tried zapping the pram, as this usually fixes glitches, but to no avail. After a quick Google search I found several similar issues reported in mac rumors and at Apple’s discussion forums but no solution.

So I kinda accepted the issue, and reset manually the mouse speed. There were some other minor issues, such as icons not staying put on the desktop or finder telling me that it was the first time I was opening an application… that I use every day.

But I could live with all this, it was the mouse speed that really was annoying.

The fix? Repairing permissions. From the terminal, I ran: diskutil repairPermissions /

It took a while to scan the disk, and found several incorrect permissions, especially on Java VM files and folders. I wasn’t expecting much when I tried out this, and did so only because I stumbled upon this tip while looking for possible compatibility issues with a new Nvidia graphic card I was interested into.

Lo and behold, it worked. It’s a month now that every morning icons stay nailed on their spot, applications are remembered and the mouse speed is what I expect it to be.

So give it a try, it should do no harm and maybe will fix the issue for you as well.

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