Lightwave 10 virtual camera controller and IPR

Video of a real videocamera controlling the virtual camera

Fancy some realistic camera shakes with real time rendering?

IPR -interactive photorealistic rendering- is hardly a breakthrough nowadays. Despite this, that old chap of Lightwave seems to perform rather well in this video: from the SigGraph 2010 showcase.

But what made me drool was when the presenter bumped the camera to zoom it, and the preview updated with the bump. I want that camera controller!

Better yet, since I am now daydreaming, I want a GPU powered, real-time, camera tracker capable of controlling any 3D application. And, a chroma key shader surface. Octane Renderer guys, are you listening?

Anyway, that video is cool. I remember when a beige spacemouse with RS-232 interface was the most awesome controller money could buy (except maybe a Nintendo Poweglove) and this video made me feel like a dinosaur.

After Effects and Lightwave

Looks like there’s still life in the Lightwave world. This new plugin creates an hybrid lightwave after effects tool, allowing to export Lightwave cameras to After Effects and synchronize the 3D scene in real time. Besides looking as cool as a Zack Snyder shot, this tool fills a long standing gap in Lightwave’s toolset and puts it haeads and shoulders above the once king of the hill of After Effects integration (you know, that 4D thing).

It’s amazing that it took so long for software developers to realize that we all need a super fast, no brainer connection with compositing applications. Autodesk unveiled its own exporting tool for 3DS about at the same time the Lightwave plugin was released, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more developers went ahead with similar solutions for Nuke and Fusion in the near future.

So let me add something to the wishlist above: I still want that camera, but I now want it to be able to pass through the data along several applications, all in real time. So that if I bump it, both Lightwave and After Effects bump at the same time (okay, a slight delay would be acceptable). Daydreaming? Maybe, but what about Brekel’s Kinect driver that talks to Motionbuilder in real time? Can’t we just have a standard tcp/ip stream of realtime 3D data flowing around and joining whatever app we happen to use?

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