A favorite of mine: the Cyber Girl

Rendered female cyber entity, or borg

I always loved this image, it is so cyberish!

It may not be the most accurate 3D model I ever saw, and to be really picky the burned out area under the ear is distracting.

But I just love it! The spikey tubes, the subdivision surfaces with just a little bit of the polygonal cage still showing… Being half borg code myself, I can’t deny it has a strange appeal to me.

I think the original reference is somewhere between Star Trek’s borgs and the iRobot movie (oops, sorry, iRobot will probably be a new Apple device: “I, Robot”).

The overall color correction looks good, again hinting at an “I, Robot” homage. And I’d rate A+ a fractal noise rusted scar anytime. What do I like most? The texturing on the front mask, the way organic tubes twist and fit, as well as the old fashioned cannon-like connectors resembling broadcast cables from the eighties, aptly placed in the foreground. The overall composition is nice: rule of thirds at its best!

I found it on a wallpaper site ( http://www.hiren.info/desktop-wallpapers/3d-digital-art-pictures/cyber-girl ), click on the link at the bottom to go to my source and open a full-size version visiting the original site. If anybody knows who the author is, please drop me a message using the contact form, as I’d love to give credit where credit is due.

Original source: http://faustodemartini.cgsociety.org/gallery/547776/

If anybody knows who the author is, please drop me a line and I’ll credit the original creator. Thanks to Jack, I finally was able to find out the original author: Fausto De Martini and the link now points to his CG Society portfolio entry.


  1. guru meditation

    When are you going to post again? You really entertain me!

  2. re nice

  3. The artist is Fausto De Martini. The picture you have has been cropped and edited. The original shows more of the “hair” and is not so washed out.

  4. Great, just updated the post with proper credit. Thanks a lot!


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