Cyber Demon in Resident Evil style – a forum wip

I kinda like the cyber demon in this wip at 3D buzz, posted by Rich Mason. It reminds me of a monster from Resident Evil, because it has no face, just a mouth. But I may be wrong as I only played Resident Evil on the Playstation I (yes, I am that old). However it’s bio-mechanically engineered, and intentionally looks like the demon found in the original Doom as played on a Pentium I (yes, I am that old) so it has to be featured here.

Speaking of bio mechanical monsters, does anybody remember an old tutorial, maybe for 3DS Max, that linked a human mask to a few pistons linking them to the facial animation? If so, please leave a comment and link to it. It seems I can’t find anymore most of my favorite links online. (Another being a closeup animation of a Mantis done in Lightwave and featured somewhere as the demo for a plugin -please drop me a link for that as well if you can remember it).

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