zBrush 4.0 release is coming for real – is 2010 the new 2009?

zbrush 4.0 release august 2010

zBrush celebrates ten years and looks better than ever

Okay, first of all I apologize for the pun in the title. But being a Mac user, I wasn’t really happy about zBrush upgrades. You know, v4 was scheduled for 2009, then version 3.5 came out for pc only with a Mac version planned for september 2009… we are now in july 2010, and the two platforms were out of sync a bit too long for any productive environment. I can only hope the August 9th 2010 release date for both versions is real.

However! All this is moot when you look at the video posted 2 days ago at zbrushcentral: zBrush 4.0 new features. Awesome is reductive! I was laughing out loud at every mouse move. zBrush 4.0 is not a new release, it looks like a designer’s dream come true. Time to shop for a better gfx card I guess. And thank you Pixologic -looks like you have raised the bar again.

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