zBrush 4.0 due for release today (or a random day)

Childish, I know. But I can’t stop refreshing the support account page at Pixologic’s website. Still no zBrush 4.0.

UPDATE #1 I have been in the game for a long time, but have never heard of randomized upgrades before. It seems upgrade emails will be sent randomly to customers, someone will get the upgrade first, someone else will get it later. Looks like a prize draw, funny. (not)

UPDATE #2 got it! on august 10th, I received the email and was able to download my eagerly awaited zBrush 4 for Mac. After a little struggle with their activation process (php errors in the header…) I finally activated it and added a zSphere. Way to go Pixologic! Now please keep PC and Mac in sync. If you have to, start charging for upgrades, but keep ’em in sync.

Anyway, ZB 4 is way beyond coooooool.

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