Dare to Share Project Messiah – Pro 3D for $10? You betcha!

Okay, so here’s the deal: Project Messiah is pro grade 3D software. I own it -version 3- and used to use it along with Lightwave.

Nice, cool, fast, character animation tool.

I probably am not the only one that thinks a match made in heaven would have been Modo+Project Messiah+Lightwave 9.6.

Could have been some sort of a 3D terminator, unleashed over a starving 3D market. And I still think they all should rejoin forces – 3D animation in 2002 was so cool.

But let’s skip this for now, it’s not gonna happen, ever.

And get back to Messiah. It’s a cool 3D character animation tool. It evolved, as solution-driven software often does, and is now a complete rendering solution, but I can’t comment about this since I only used it for animating and baking out MDDs to be rendered elsewhere.

Yet, it’s a fantastic opportunity to spend $10 and get a full featured character animation toolset. With rendering thrown in as a bonus.

The scheme is pretty simple: you fork out $10 for the basic version, or $40 for the pro one. If they reach an unspecified amount of purchasers, the deal is over: you get the license, and price goes back to original one ($499 or $1195, hey it’s a lot of money!).

If they don’t reach the expected amount of sales, no license is given, and your money is refunded.

Given that PGM has been in business for so many years, this seems a no-risk propositing, and for what is worth I did jump on this offer. I don’t think I’ll have the time to explore Messiah in the near future, but it’s a slick tool that ought to be upgraded anyway. And $40 is a decent price. I just wonder if they are going to send a dongle as well.

I hope this cash flow -albeit small, it’s still a cash flow- allows the fine guys and gals at pmG to keep developing Messiah as it deserves. And maybe release a 64bit Mac version as well.

Anyway here’s the deal-url: http://projectmessiah.com/x6/shop.html and have fun with armatures: they’r so cool I am thinking about restoring that old XP backup with Messiah on it.

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  1. Love your blog. Very informative. Keeping it bookmarked and will keep checking back. Regards.

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