"Cyberspace is here, now a blog devoted to collecting tutorials about 3D graphics, video and 3D moviemaking with a cyberlife twist

Reference Images

This blog went down, AGAIN. Feel like an Hybrid Cylon under severe power outages. Anyway I rebuilt it with the few post I could remember. The goal is to collect and organize reference images that can be helpful for 3D artists dealing with organic and mechanical cyber creatures. Be them cylons, terminators, or whatever the future is planning for us.

Over the years, I collected a huge “swipe file” of images, animations and links. However, they are not well organized and I lack pointers to the original creators. I’d like to rebuild this reference guide as an online repository – and doing so, I’d be able to provide proper author credit.

Meanwhile, the page about after effects does not showcase any exceptional cyber creature but belongs to a site devoted to online learning of 3D. This site also has simpler tutorials, not in depth as the full fledged courses, but much cheaper and suitable for learning specific tasks such as some Maya courses that focus on character design, rigging and animation. All these pages are in italian language, btw.

In addition to this, there are Visual effects tutorials currently being developed. Among their goals is to establish a free pool of reference images and assets. It’s a long term task, and I’ll document the two sites being built as they progress, the first is planned to host assets, texture maps and other 3D resources, while the second is going to be a reference image and video site.

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3D Tutorials

I am on a quest for free 3D graphics tutorials dealing with mechanical and bio-mechanical modeling, rigging and rendering. I’m also looking for tutorials about game design with Autodesk Maya and Max (after all, what else could we use for that?). If you want to suggest any link, feel free to submit one using the contact form.

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